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VLC is a great, multi purpose media player. Until recently, I didn’t know that it can also be used to convert audio files. Because the iPhone doesn’t play flac files, at least not that I am aware of, I needed to convert the flac files that I normally use on my desktop to mp3 files. In the past, I used separate software to do this, but a few months ago, I formatted my computer. After a little research, I realized that this could be done with VLC and no other software is needed. Here are the steps.


Start VLC and click Media and Convert / Save:


An Open Media window will open. Click Add to search for files on your computer.


Search for the file/files that you want to convert and click Open.


After you’ve made your selection, you will be taken back to the Open Media window. From here, just click the Convert/Save button.


You will then be taken to the Convert window where you can change any options that you want. In the Profile drop-down, you have many options to choose from as your output. When your options are finished, hit the Start button.


Now, VLC will start converting. The track title at the top of the window shows you which file is currently converting and the playback area will show you how much of that file has converted.


You’re all done! Unless you’ve changed any settings, the converted files will appear in the folder that you selected the files from.


This is a great way to quickly convert files to use on other devices or maybe to just save space on your computer. VLC has always been a wonderful program, and I can’t believe that I didn’t know about this sooner. Here is a wiki that shows which codecs VLC can play and which they can encode.


Source: VLCHelp – Convert Audio Formats Using VLC Media Player

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